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The falling leaves drift by my window

If only that was the case. Often the leaves don’t even get as far as your windows… …they settle and block your gutters creating overflows and damp, which could lead to expensive maintenance problems later on with your property.
And with the Autumn being the prime time for trees to shed their leaves now is an excellent time to call on our team of technicians to solve the problem either through the use of our highly professional SKYVAC high reach vacuuming system or for even taller buildings use of our Cherry Pickers or Scaffold Tower Access services.
And by the way, should those falling leaves actually drift by your window and settle on the ground, that will also not be an issue, as we have a team that can keep your paths, roads and verges clear, as fallen leaves can create a slip hazard for you, colleagues or the public at large.


The Problem 1: Blocked guttering creating overflows and damp


The Solution: SKYVAC - the World’s leading Professional Gutter & High Reach Vacuuming System

The Lynx Skyvac is a revolutionary gutter and high reach cleaning system and is just one of a number of innovative and state of the art pieces of equipment which we use to overcome property maintenance problems for all of our clients. Just look at the benefits:
  • NO MESS! It sucks gutters clean using a powerful vacuum cleaner
  • No need for expensive scaffolding, ladders or high access equipment
  • A safe solution for cleaning high buildings such as hospitals, offices and domestic properties
  • On board camera for precision cleaning and roof condition inspection
  • Light and easy to use
  • Allows access to restricted areas
  • For both domestic and commercial properties.
So whether you require a one-off gutter cleaning or would like to discuss our Planned Preventative Maintenance service, please call Charlie Simms for a quote or booking availability.


The Problem 2: Damage to roof areas causing potential damp or dry rot


The Solution: Cherry Picker and or Scaffold Tower Access for high level inspections and repairs

If only all property maintenance problems occurred at ground level. Of course they don’t...  frequently starting at the top of the building and working their way down. Lynx Response is well aware of these issues; having worked on just about every kind of roofing problem over many years of providing the Definitive 24/7 property maintenance service. How do we cope with these high level problems? Simply, by allowing our skilled technicians to inspect and repair using one of our cherry pickers. So what benefits do cherry pickers offer over conventional means of high level inspection:
  • l Mobility, adaptability and versatility
  • Flexibility to work in the tightest of spaces
  • High level access with safe working platform
So whether you require a one-off roof inspection or would like to discuss our Planned Preventative Maintenance service for your roof, please call Charlie Simms for a quote or cherry picker booking availability.

Posted: 04.11.2019
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